The Times I Want To Quit

There are some days when I want to pack it in and never return. Where I just want to be honest about my entire life and hope no one cares.

Instead, I keep quiet and smile. Sometimes I bitch to you guys on Snapchat (happymumnz) or on Instastories (happymumhappychild); but mostly I just keep quiet.

I usually keep the shit I say in my head quiet, and don’t verbalise it out loud.

Sometimes however, I want to tell everyone just to piss off. Sometimes I just want to say no.

I recently came across these illustrations which perfectly sum up those times I want to quit, but don’t …


Those times when kids tell you how they really feel and you want to respond:


When kids want to play with ANY toys:


When your child tells you to go away:


When they just don’t want to go to bed:


When you know they need to do a wee:


When they just won’t eat what you’ve given them:


When you know something bad is going to happen:

And it does:


And then my husband gets home:


Ever felt like this? Let me know below!!!!

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Times I Want To Quit

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