Today I Became The Shouty Mum


Today I Became The Shouty Mum

3pm and children are finishing school; they’re tired and emotions are high. My children, especially my girl, are no exception to this.

Today I became the shouty Mum.

My 5 year old was tired, and my 3 year old was the opposite. In fact, all he wants to do is a) talk to his sister, and b) annoy his sister. Both of which I have to try and stop from happening because it NEVER ends well. Especially at 3pm.

Whilst walking on the way from school to the car, my kids started running ahead of me. Now our rule is “you don’t have to hold my hand on the foot path, but you MUST stay by my side for safety reasons”.

My 5 year old started running, which then must have sent out this message to my 3 year old that “THE RACE IS ON”.

I semi-yell “Please don’t run”.

But he starts running.

Then she saw him running, so she ran faster. So I yell “PLEASE STOP RUNNING”.

Except apparently the Olympics have started and if you win you win BIG.

So now my two kids are running towards my car which is, of course, parked on the road.

So I yell “STOP RIGHT NOW” – and they both DO NOT LISTEN.

So I BEAST YELL IT. And when a beastly Mum yells, you bloody listen; and thankfully they stopped but by that stage I was FUMING.

Other Mums were around (hopefully understanding the situation), and I was so embarrassed. I wouldn’t change it – I will always yell if they’re in trouble, but golly it’s embarrassing. Someone’s always the shouty Mum, and today I was that one.

My kids got a stern telling off in the car, where I repeated “If I tell you to stop, you stop what you’re doing. If you’re running, you stop. If you’re talking, you stop”.

My daughter then said “but he was winning” and seriously I think I almost burst a blood vessel.

This constant need to “win” drives me up the wall.


So now we’re back at home, and I’ve had another chat about how important it is to STOP when I say STOP. I said “it’s not because I want to be annoying, it’s for your safety”.

I think I now need to remind them every time we go everywhere.

Because you Mums all know, if you have to tell them once, you have to tell them a million times.

Le sigh.



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