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Trolley Handle Covers by Happy Mum Happy Child

Trolley Handle Covers Review by Happy Mum Happy ChildReview For:
With Love from Owl & Monkey

My kid LOVES to put his mouth on trolley handles. DISGUSTING! I don’t know what it is about them, but it’s like a beacon calling for him to slobber all over it. YUCK!

Trolley Handle Covers from With Love from Owl & Monkey, are the perfect solution to stop your children picking up all kinds of germs.

These brilliant pieces of material are specially made to fit a trolley handle, and only the handle. So the fabric isn’t huge and bulky.  It comes either with, or without tags.  Having the tags gives you the option of attaching toys to them.

Once I received the Trolley Handle Cover, I threw it in my hand bag and forgot about it until my next shop.  The beauty about it being so small is that I don’t have to worry about it!

Once shopping, I attached it to the trolley handle using the snap-lock domes, and off we went.  The boy tried to put his mouth on it, but in all honesty was more interested in playing with the tags – which is EXACTLY the point!

My biggest concern of the whole shopping trip was that I remembered to take the cover off the handle before leaving HAHA … and I did.  Well done to me.

I would recommend this product in a heart beat.  Each cover is hand made by With Love from Owl & Monkey, and the snap-lock domes are secure and are hard to get off.  Well, easy enough for an adult to do it, but not for a child.

Like I said above, the material isn’t huge and bulky, so fitted easily in my handbag.  After a few trips out, it started getting a bit dirty, so just threw it in the washing machine (cold wash!) and it came out great.

Also, they’re not just for kids!  If the thought of touching a shopping trolley handle grosses you out, then these are great!

There are loads of patterns to chose from, and the covers are $15 without tags, and $20 with tags, so not overly expensive in my opinion.

Lisa has graciously offered the first 10 Happy Mum Happy Child readers who would like one with tabs for $15 (normally $20). They just need to mention HMHC when they message her.  GET IN QUICK!

To order, PM Lisa through With Love from Owl & Monkey’s Facebook page.

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