Ways To Help Others This Christmas

Christmas is a great time for most families – we all get together and celebrate each other by giving gifts. We eat lots of food, catch up with family, and just have a great time.

It’s not so great, however, for every single person. A lot of families and children go without at Christmas time; and I’m a firm believer in helping others who are less fortunate than myself.

So I try and get the whole family thinking about others, and what we can do to share the love. Last year the kids and I bought a whole heap of activity packs and toys from Kmart, and donated it to the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal. We will be doing the same again this year because I believe it is important to us that we teach our children about helping others who are in need too.

Whilst I’m not hugely well-off in life, I know I am in a better position than most. So in the Christmas spirit, and in the spirit of helping others out, I’ve put together this list of organisations you can help out this Christmas. Not all of these are gift related either, donating your time is just as valuable in some instances:

  1. Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal – new gifts are donated and handed out to children and families by the Salvation Army
  2. The Warehouse Be The Joy – donations or gifts can be donated through The Warehouse stores to be given to the Women’s Refuge and Variety
  3. Auckland City Mission
  4. Wellington City Mission
  5. Christchurch City Mission
  6. KidsCan
  7. The Salvation Army
  8. Christmas Box
  9. Women’s Refuge
  10. Variety
  11. Barnardos
  12. Shoebox Christmas
  13. The Foodbank Project
  14. The Aunties

Also be sure to check out anything that has been organised in your local community. If you have a community Facebook page, it may pay to keep an eye on this and see what is happening.

Another great way to help out this Christmas is by donating your toys that are no longer needed, to your local hospital or refuge. Always check with the organisation first as to the requirements of what you can give and what they’ll receive.

PLEASE REMEMBER: if you are reading this and can’t afford to give anything extra this Christmas, then please do not feel bad. Not all of us are in a position to do so. It is up to those of us who CAN help, to step up and do our part.

If you know of any other organisations or charities that help out at this time of the year, then please let me know below in the comments and I will update this post.


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