My Weight Loss: Week 1


My Weight Loss: Week 1

Well, week 1 is down and it wasn’t as bad as I thought! Here’s pretty much what happened each day:

  • Fasted for 16 hours a day (which is 8pm at night, until 12pm the next day)
  • Drank loads of water
  • Had a few cups of coffee (each with milk and sugar) each day
  • At lunchtime had a healthy lunch which usually consisted of chicken, veggies, mayo and hot sauce (see photo below)
  • Snacks were usually fruit
  • Dinner was always balanced and home made
  • No takeaways
  • No dessert
  • I didn’t really do any exercise this week
  • I did have a glass of wine on a few occasions

I like to keep my eating pretty simple because I have Coeliac Disease (have to be gluten free). So I tend to stay away from any kind of processed food.

Snapchat @happymumnz

A few of you asked me on Snapchat (happymumnz) why I was having coffee with milk and sugar – because I can. Because I refuse to make a sacrifice and drink black coffee. I get no enjoyment out of it, and I honestly would prefer to keep up the coffee with milk and sugar as that’s how I’ll be having it moving forward.

I also had a few people asking me why I would have mayo with my lunch, especially because it’s extra calories.

Let me set the record straight – I am NOT calorie counting; I refuse to do so. I don’t want to become obsessed with it; I want to try and get myself in a position where what I’m doing becomes my lifestyle. I want to have mayo with my lunch. And hot sauce. I’m not killing myself by having mayo.

On the Friday afternoon / Saturday I did actually splurge because I had a night away with Phil. I didn’t go crazy, but I actually ate food, rather than fasted. On the Sunday however, I was back into it with my fasting / water drinking.

Here are my results after 1 week:

I’m not going to lie, I was mega disappointed with the lack of weight loss. But a lot of you have reminded me that scales aren’t a true indicator of weight loss – measurements are.

I measured myself about an hour after weighing myself and it made me feel SO much better.

I won’t be taking any more photos of myself until a few months time to make it more dramatic HAHAHA

How are you doing?


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