What The Heck Is BYOD?

This post has been sponsored by Noel Leeming, however all words, and opinions are my own.

When I went to school, all I needed was a pencil and a piece of paper. Now-a-days you don’t even have pencils. You have to use a pen because they want to encourage kids to make a mistake. They found kids were obsessing too much with having “perfect work” and spent the majority of their time correcting their mistakes and not doing the work.

Now at school it’s pens, books and as they get older: DEVICES.

My husband and I are heavy technology users, so our children have had access to tablets since they were about 2 years old. HOWEVER, none of them have used a computer.

An iPad / Tablet is one thing but a computer is another, and one I am a little hesitant about introducing to the kids.

However, now-a-days schools are asking that parents provide their children with a computer to help them with their school work.

I had no idea what this meant as Chloe (my 6 year old) isn’t quite ready for it yet but I know a lot of parents out there are going through this now.

The team over at Noel Leeming invited me in-store to chat to me about what BYOD means and what options they have, and what the schools actually do with it.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is when a school encourages a student to bring their own device to assist with learning (in the classroom and at home). For the most part the student decides on what they will have, but in some instances the schools have specific requirements.

The student takes responsibility for the device and uses it in their studies; to assist with research, completing homework, working on projects, etc etc.


Laptops aren’t as expensive as they used to be – Chromebooks can range in price from a $300 – $900 depending on what you want; and thankfully places like Noel Leeming offer really great finance options (most of which are interest free). They also have packages that you can buy which includes a case, a mouse and ear phones; making it super simple to get everything in one go.


Your school will guide you on which device they recommend. The device will fall into one of three categories: Windows, Apple or Chrome. For the most part, a Chromebook is what will be recommended as it is a great starting device and operating system for a child. It doesn’t pigeon-hole them into something specific like Windows or Apple, and it means later in life they will be able to switch easily between all three if necessary.

The Tech Solutions Specialists at Noel Leeming are amazing at guiding you and helping you make a decision that is right for you and your child. When I went in store, we chatted about what sort of things we used at home, and what we thought Chloe might need later on down the track. If you’re after a device you will probably have more specific information than I did.


This is a big one for me. With a tablet I am able to restrict access pretty well to certain apps and the ability to download or access things; but when you’re on a laptop it can be daunting letting your child have free reign over the ENTIRE INTERNET.

For starters, when they’re younger you will need to monitor their use and guide them. Let them know what they’re allowed to use and what they’re not allowed to use. Each device will have it’s own parental controls so you’ll need to look into these and use them as required.

When they start getting older then I guess you’ll have to trust them (I know it’s weird, but it’s true). Checking their internet browser history is a must but I’d like to keep open with the kids about that ya know?


The Noel Leeming team have a great wealth of knowledge on their website including Ten Tips for BYOD.

Noel Leeming has been working with schools for many years, and providing BYOD solutions to help their children succeed.

When you head in-store one of their Tech Solutions Specialists will help you with everything you need. As well as a range of services such as:

  • Free 15 min device quick start where our experts help get your new device started and you on the right track straight from the start
  • Delivery, installation, setup and in-store learning for all of your computer products to make sure you get the most out of your purchase (this is a paid service)
  • Plus Noel Leeming have a Helpdesk service, 7 day tech support via phone, webchat and remote access to help solve your technology challenges (this is also a paid service)

Thanks for teaming up with me on this sponsored post Noel Leeming – going in store and chatting with the Stephen (the Tech Solutions Specialist) was amazing, and even though I know a bit about technology, I still learned a lot and feel more confident in the fact Chloe will be using a laptop.



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