What’s in my Bag?

What's in my Bag by Happy Mum Happy ChildI’ve noticed a lot of bloggers doing “What’s in My Bag” posts, and they’ve ALWAYS got awesome stuff in there.  Awesome stuff, and not a lot of it.

I happened to be on This is Meagan Kerr’s blog, and saw a post exactly like this.  I WAS JEALOUS.  Now to be honest, Meagan did clean her bag out properly before taking the photo, and she said there were a lot of receipts, but it was NOTHING compared to the hideousness that was living inside mine.

A few items that featured in my handbag:

  • Tissues – roughly half a box
  • A cheese stringer.  Warm.
  • $5 Euro
  • Receipts for AFRICA
  • Loose jellybeans
  • Crumbs – I vacuumed those up
  • Disposable razors

The only thing that surprised me about this, was the fact that there was no nappy in there.  Go figure!


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