Why I Hate Monday’s As A SAHM

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I hate Mondays.

I get it, everyone does.

It’s the beginning of the week for all of us – whether we work away from home, or work in the home. Looking to the week ahead is daunting.

I hate Mondays because 5 days of not knowing what I’m cooking for dinner can get overwhelming. No matter how much I plan to plan dinner, it never happens.

I hate Mondays because looking ahead I know my best friend won’t get home until after 5pm, and by then my brain has gone and all conversations are out the window.

I hate Mondays because I always have high hopes I’ll be a better person in terms of housework, but always end up failing … Laundry that “will get done every day” often ends up just piling up and I never do it.

I hate Mondays because it’s another week of worrying about what I eat; it’s another week of hoping I’ll lose weight and start exercising.

I hate Mondays because sometimes the thought of my kids fighting all week makes me want to crawl back into bed.

I hate Mondays because school lunches (it’s a love/hate relationship).

I hate Mondays because there’s five days until the weekend, and weekends are my favourite. The weekends are the only time I ever really enjoy because Phil is at home and helps with the kids.

Sometimes it’s not even Mondays that I hate, it’s just every single day the thought of doing the same thing over and over again …

Perhaps I just need to try and be better at life LOL then maybe Mondays wouldn’t suck as much!

Do you hate Mondays?



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