Wine Infused Coffee Is A Thing

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Wine Infused Coffee Is A Thing

As a parent we all have rough mornings – mornings where we seriously consider having a glass of wine to get us through.

This is probably old news to you guys, but I have just discovered wine infused coffee is a thing. MY LIFE MAY BE COMPLETE GUYS.

The coffee beans are absorbed in the wine, and then dried and hand-roasted.

As we all know both red wine and coffee contain antioxidants, which are thought to combat cancer, so drinking the creation I would imagine would double you down on that loveliness.

Coffee beans have also been found to cut the risk of heart attacks and stroke in a series of scientific studies.

The people who created this (Molinari) said the coffee can be drunk black, but adding milk will bring out the flavour of the wine.

Sadly, most of the alcohol is burnt off during the roasting process so your morning cuppa won’t get you tipsy. DAMMIT!

The premise behind it is phenomenal, however I think it’s pretty expensive ($30 for about 250 grams worth of coffee).

Here’s some other things I think need to be infused with wine to make them better:

  • Chocolate
  • Cheesecake
  • All food
  • The water system

Pretty simple really – our lives would be so much better AMMIRIGHT?! LOLOL


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