5 Affordable Kids Activities Perfect for Holidays

ACTIVITIES - Mess Free Finger Painting by Happy Mum Happy Child

Check out these 5 simple kids activities that are perfect for the holidays, and will save you money along the way.

By only buying a couple of essentials, and using items from around your house, you are able to easily keep your kids entertained these holidays.

Seriously, you won’t believe how much all this came to, and you can get it all (minus the veggies, of course) from Warehouse Stationery.

1. Vegetable Stamping

5 Kids Activities Perfect for Holidays 08

Using either celery, carrots, potatoes or any other vegetable, you can create works of art!  All you need is paint, vegetables, and a piece of paper.

You can draw an outline and ask your kids to stamp and “colour” it in.

Or let them be creative and draw their own picture and then using the vegetables, stamp cool patterns onto it.

Print out your fish here

2. Egg Carton Flowers / Wand

5 Kids Activities Perfect for Holidays 07

Using an egg carton, cut out the four petals (or star) and get your kids to colour them in.   Then using sticky tape, tape the beautiful creation to a straw.  Super simple!

3.  Colour Train

5 Kids Activities Perfect for Holidays 09

Using coloured paper, create a train and then using each different coloured square, ask your kids to fill it with items from around the house.  Great for learning colours, and for getting them to think about the different items around your house.

4.  Paper Chains

5 Kids Activities Perfect for Holidays 10

You can get your kids (if they are old enough) to seriously help set this one up.  Cut strips of paper, and then using double sided tape, join the pieces together so that they form a paper chain.

5.  Window Painting

5 Kids Activities Perfect for Holidays 05

Put paint into the snap-lock bag, and seal.  Try to get as much of the air out as possible.  Cellotape to the window.  To try something different, add a piece of paper in the bag first before putting the paint in, and then your kids’ creations can be kept!

So guys, let’s get real here – we’re not all made of money. Sometimes you need that money to stretch a little further, and with these activities it definitely can. Along with household products, this is what it all came to:

5 Kids Activities Perfect for Holidays 11Paint (six assorted colours) – $10.47
Paper (pack of 100 assorted colours 160gsm) – $19.99
Brushes (15 pieces) – $4.95
Pens (24 pack) – $4.95
Double Sided Tape – $8.95
TOTAL: $49.31

Remember: the above items can be used MULTIPLE times so that’s a huge win!

I particularly love the coloured paper that I bought.  Paper (especially the thickness I got), is perfect for a whole range of activities, so will last a long time.

You can get all your craft and activity needs at Warehouse Stationery and it’s all affordable! This is your one stop shop for the kids these school holidays, you can thank me later.

These activities were made possible thanks to Warehouse Stationery.


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