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Hey team,

This was way easier to write it in a blog post, than to write it in a post on the VIP page. Just because I wasn’t sure how long it was going to be.

Recently I did a post about the Great Sugar Debate, and my stance on it. Basically, I am aware of how horrible sugar is. I try my best to give my children whole foods, that are unprocessed, but it’s not always appropriate; and sometimes I’m lazy. Sometimes I’m just trying to get through the day. I know that’s no excuse, but it is what it is. I’m not going to pretend that I’m an amazingly healthy mum who gives her kids the absolute best in life – because that’s a lie.

However, I try. By golly do I try.

I am not a food blogger; or a lifestyle blogger; or even a nutritional blogger.

I am a Mum blogger (and yes, I do despise the title, but it is what it is).  I just try and make it through my day and you guys help me do that.

Can I do better? HELL YES.

As my audience grows, it becomes more and more apparent that if I say I like something, people tend to want to try it themselves.  I totally get that.

As such, I don’t talk about ANYTHING I haven’t either bought myself, or 100% back because I love it. I am also extremely transparent about when I’ve been sent stuff, vs when I buy it myself.

I might get sent products for free, but I won’t talk about them unless I feel they would suit you guys. I have to love and agree with the product before I’ll even consider talking about it. I have received numerous things that you guys don’t know about, because I just don’t feel it’s appropriate to talk about them.  That’s just how I work.

In saying that, as I said above, I am aware of the power of words. I am aware I have 40,000 people (now over 100,000 on social media) who follow my page, and I am aware that if I “promote” or talk about a product, people are likely to want to try it too.

It’s not just like that with me – it’s like that with ANYONE who talks about stuff. If your friends post on their FB page about how they love something, it might make you think twice about it. It might even make you want to go out and get it.

That’s how the Kmart craze works AHAHAHA

I also like to think that everyone can think for themselves. If they don’t agree with something I like, then that’s cool. How boring would it be if I clicked my fingers and everyone followed suit. BORING. I LOVE it that we are a diverse bunch. I love it that we all have our own opinions. Our own loves and hates.

: ————— :

ANYWAY … what is the point of this bloody long piece of garbage (HAHA) … well basically I am concerned that people think that because I have 40,000 followers (edited to add it’s over 100,000 now), I have a responsibility to promote a healthy lifestyle,

I don’t disagree completely, but I am me. If I didn’t have my blog, I’d still be doing the same thing. I try and get through my day, however I can.  I try and give my kids the healthiest foods possible. I try and bake. I encourage eating whole foods. I try and avoid processed foods.

But again, as I have stated probably too many times, it’s not always possible.  And I know that falls on me as a parent.  I totally get that.

The other thing is – we live on one income. One wage. I don’t need to explain to you how expensive some foods can be. I don’t like pulling out that card, because it’s not always an excuse. But sometimes it is. Sometimes for us it’s cheaper to buy a product than to make it from scratch; I think we all get that.

And does money come into it?  Absolutely. We go through 4 loaves of bread each week. I SHOULD be making my own bread, because of how much better it is for us, but I can’t afford to.  WE can’t afford to.

Oh gosh … this just keeps getting longer and longer.

I just want you guys to know that as a Mum, as a blogger, I do my best. I’m not perfect. I like chocolate. I like Hershey’s Chocolate Pies from Burger King. Cheesecakes are my downfall. And yes, I have Coeliac Disease and would risk, IN A HEART BEAT, my life to have any of those AHAHA

I guess I want to say this:

I am ME. There is NOTHING wrong with that. My responsibility first and foremost lies with my family and my children. Whatever I do with them is what matters the most. I DO NOT have to promote a healthy lifestyle, because that is not who I am. I have to promote whatever I want to.

If you are a blogger, or a passionate Mum about healthy food, then I praise you. However, that is not who I am. I do my best as a parent and that is all I expect of myself. My website, my business, is about MY LIFE.

If I suddenly change to be something else, then that is not me.

You do you, and I’ll do me. OK?! There is nothing wrong with that.

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