6 Hilariously On Point Father’s Day Gifts

6 Hilariously On Point Fathers Day Gifts

Father's Day Gifts


Father’s Day is fast approaching, and I seriously feel like I always struggle for things to get my husband. We have two younger kids (2, and 4) so their ability to pick out a gift isn’t that great, so unless they make him something then it’s really up to me.

My go to gift for my husband is socks – because he chews through them like a dog chews through a toy. I seriously have no idea what his toes are up to in his shoes, but they get holey very quickly. However, socks can be a bit of a boring gift, and I want to get something that is funny and thoughtful.

With that in mind, I headed to the Not Socks website and found 6 hilariously perfect Father’s Day gifts:


1. Wallet Ninja

Wallet Ninja

I got this for my husband because I thought it would help him in life – it is seriously cool. The Wallet Ninja is credit card sized but comes with so many different uses. It has a hex wrench, bottle opener can opener, letter opener, box opener, is a screw driver and SO MUCH MORE! No more complaining he can’t open something!


2. Dad Car Play Mat & Back Massage T-Shirt

Father's Day Tee Shirt

What better way to relax than by getting a massage from your kid AND having them be entertained at the same time. This shirt is absolutely perfect and hilarious for any Dad out there with young kids. You have to get in quick though – I have heard stock is extremely limited!


3. Chipolo


My husband seriously ALWAYS loses either his keys OR his wallet. I don’t even know where he puts this stuff, but it goes missing way more frequently than normal. So I bought this gift for him to help him not stress when he loses his keys. The idea behind it is that you can attach it to the keys and you sync it to your phone using a special app. So if you lose your keys, it tells you where abouts they are.  GENIUS.


4. Poo Knew

Father's Day Poo Knew

Everybody poos. Did you know that?!  EVERYONE. So why not give the Dad in your life the Poo Knew book which has extensive information about everything you would want to know about pooing. The perfect book to pop in the loo for those “deep and meaningful” visits …


5. Electric Airplane

Electric Paper Airplane

I picked up this bad boy for my husband because he’s into electronics, and this is taking it to a ridiculous level. This contains an electric motor designed to attach to any paper airplane made. This one you can get your kids involved in, especially if they’re a wee bit older – they can make the plane and Dad can have fun flying it around.


6. Who Am I? Face Mats Game

Father's Day Face Masks

This is a game the whole family can get involved in and have a giggle at – put the mats on your nose and then ask your family simple yes or no questions to find out who you are.


>> G I V E A W A Y <<

Not Socks Voucher Image

The Not Socks website has all of the above AND hundreds more items perfect for Father’s Day. I seriously recommend heading over there and grabbing something now. Because Father’s Day is so close, I have 3 x $50 Not Socks vouchers to give away.

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Thank you so much to Not Socks for making this post possible.


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