Activities for Kids

Thinking of activities for your kids can be difficult.  Well now you don’t have to worry!  Here are a collection of activities perfect for kids.  From infants, to toddlers, to pre-schoolers.  These are great for all kids.

Tried and tested by me and my kids, these are all relatively easy to do.

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Snow Dough!

Snow Dough is something you can do at ANY time of the year.  Not just Christmas.  It only has 2 ingredients, molds easily, feels cool

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DIY Christmas Tree

We’ve been having some beautiful days here in Auckland (New Zealand) so thought it might be nice to make our own Christmas tree using leaves.

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Foam Christmas Tree

Let’s decorate a Christmas Tree!  Great as a gift or just to stick on the fridge.  You can get all of these supplies at Spotlight,

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Fireworks in a Glass

Fireworks in a Glass is a great experiment for the children AND you.  Everyone usually has these ingredients in their pantry, so it is very

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Masking Tape Town by Happy Mum Happy Child
Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child

Masking Tape Town

Picture this:  It’s raining.  You have kids.  TV is a no go, so what do you do?!??  Let’s create a town with masking tape!!! This

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