Activities for Kids

Thinking of activities for your kids can be difficult.  Well now you don’t have to worry!  Here are a collection of activities perfect for kids.  From infants, to toddlers, to pre-schoolers.  These are great for all kids.

Tried and tested by me and my kids, these are all relatively easy to do.

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Jelly Worms

Jelly worms!!!  They seem so cool, but when you Google it, turns out you have to use cream and a whole bunch of other things

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Maria | Happy Mum Happy Child

Coloured Pasta

Here we go again … Coloured Pasta this time! The recipe is almost identical to the Coloured Rice one.  The only difference being the rice/pasta. I usually

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Magic Coloured Milk

MARIA | HAPPY MUM HAPPY CHILD Magic Coloured Milk Seriously, this is worth the 5 seconds it takes to set it up.  Your children will

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