Are We Doing Enough For Our Children & Communities?

This post is sponsored by The Warehouse Group.

Whitney Houston once famously sung “I believe the children are our future“, and she wasn’t wrong.

As cliche as it sounds, of course the children are our future. They grow up and end up being in control of the world; the world we have left for them.

Which is why it’s important we start making changes now to help our children grow up in a world that is better than the world we are growing up in. We all want to make life easier for our kids, and for the future, right?

At school, our children are taught about ways to change the world. Whether it’s recycling, reducing our carbon foot print, being Kaitiakitanga (looking after our planet), or simply learning to be kind to one another.

We try and teach our kids to be better than we are – but from our side, it can seem like not a lot is happening by us adults to implement any changes.

Do you ever make an informed decision about where you shop? Now by that I mean, do you choose to shop at one place over another one (that’s similar) because of the way they conduct their business? Or what they do in the community?

Since I’ve partnered up with Warehouse Stationery, I have learned a lot about what goes on behind the scenes that they’re doing to help make the future a better place for our kids. Not only that, but they’re actually making the world a better place for people RIGHT NOW!

For example, did you know that the Warehouse Group have an ethical sourcing policy in place? They do, and you can find out more right here.

Or, did you know that The Warehouse Group is New Zealand’s first large company and the third major retailer in the world to go carbon neutral? This means they have balanced out their carbon dioxide emissions by supporting native forest regeneration of around 2.7 million trees, reducing carbon emissions and by investing in Carbon Credits that support environmental, social and community initiatives in countries where the Group operates (China, India and Bangladesh).

Did you know that Warehouse Stationery actually has a Get NZ Writing scheme? This is to encourage children to get writing. They partnered up with School Kit, and it gives children the opportunity to send postcards anywhere in the world for free.

Warehouse Stationery also have designed six school workbooks that are specially designed for NZ kids. They liaised with 250 NZ teachers to help design and create these workbooks – which are now available in store for you to purchase. The books are more robust, with durable covers, four staples to keep everything intact, and are in English AND Te Reo.

Did you know that Warehouse Stationery work with The Salvation Army to help kids go to school – they have established a Warehouse Stationery Scholarship scheme.  They help to fund young people from across NZ to undertake tertiary education qualifications.

They also have in-store fundraisers to help support The Salvation Army’s Aspire program. Which is a program designed to help young New Zealanders through mentoring, group adventures, family support and getting involved in community projects.

When I started doing this work for Warehouse Stationery (and the wider Warehouse Group), I honestly had no idea what they were doing and I’m now proud to be sharing this information.

I got goosebumps knowing that such a major corporation wasn’t just sitting around doing nothing.

I feel like they are actively making an effort to help us New Zealanders NOW and for our children’s future.

Did you know any of the above about Warehouse Stationery, and the wider Warehouse Group?
You can find out more information here.



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