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Not a parent and are stuck for baby shower gift ideas?  Look no further!

I have compiled a list of super helpful and useful gifts that are perfect for the first-time parent, or the experienced mum-to-be.  The majority are all under $100.  Because we all know that the majority of the big ticket items are usually bought by the family.

I would have been stoked to receive any of these:


  • The Sleepytot – a cute rabbit that holds multiple dummies, introducing at a young age is perfect.
  • The Baby Shusher – an amazing device that “shushes” your baby to sleep / relaxes them.
  • Lula Doll – a gorgeous doll for both boys and girls which has a heartbeat and breathing sounds
  • Fern Feeders – the original silicone feeder!  A thousand times better than the mesh feeder we used …
  • Feeding Fiddlers – attaches to the mother’s top and provides a distraction for the baby whilst they are feeding (can be bottle fed or breast fed).
  • Miracle Blanket – a fitted wrap perfect for helping to swaddle babies.
  • Muslin Wrap – your basic type of wrap perfect for a baby.
  • Sleeping Bag – I swear by the sleeping bag that my kids have.  It means when they roll about in their cot, they’ll still be warm. No need to worry about blankets!
  • Flat Old School Nappies – these are practical on every level.  They can be used as a burping cloth, wipe up spills, a mat on the ground, a nappy, the uses are endless.
  • The Doidy Cup – amazing if the baby struggles with drinking from a bottle or breast.
  • Hydrogel Breast Discs – perfect for the breastfeeding mum.  Breastfeeding hurts, especially in the first 3 months.  These gel discs were a lifesaver for me.
  • Sleep Sheep – pop this sheep into the baby’s cot and introduce white noise / a lullaby at a young age.
  • A Baby Blanket – the good old fashioned blanket.  You can’t go wrong with this.
  • Milestone Baby Cards – awesome cards with milestones that you can hold up when taking a photo and remember the moment forever.
  • Baby Ink Inkless Printing Kit – taking baby’s hand or foot prints can be difficult but not with this kit!
  • Teething Jewellery – something for Mum but baby can play with it too 😀
  • Mum2Mum Bibs – bibs will always be useful / handy.


AND … if you don’t have any money, one of the most amazing things you can do for a parent, is to cook them a meal.  I know that was one thing we will never forget.


Some great links from places that I have personally bought from before:

Sleepytot NZ
The Sleep Store

August Boutique
Feeding Fiddlers
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Belly Beyond
The Baby Factory
Baby City

Other cool links:
Not Socks
Pressie Box
Nurtured by Nature
Baby Bundles

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