Mum Milestone Cards Are A Thing, And They’re Hilarious …

We have all heard of a Baby Milestone Cards. You know the ones – “Today I am 1 week old” … “Today I got my first tooth” … etc etc.  All about our baby and their achievements / milestones in life.  Take a picture with the card, and preserve the moment forever.

From Bee My BabyMimosa Designs

Well now, along with Baby Milestone Cards, someone has brilliantly created Mum Milestone Cards. These cards are designed specifically for Mums, allowing us to be able to mark all of the achievements we feel we reach in Motherhood.

Like that first time you have sex after having a baby …


Or the fact instead of getting up 10 times, it was only 5.


We all know how much of an achievement getting back into an underwire bra is too … well done Mum – well done.


Here are some more epic Mum Milestones that you can achieve too!




Mum can fill in the date, take a selfie with the relevant card and share with friends on social media.  Or, she can just read them from time-to-time, remind herself she’s not alone on this ride and have a giggle when all she wants to do is cry like a baby.

These cards are from Mums Milestones.  A portion of the profits are donated to PANDA: Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia, which I think is absolutely fantastic.

I think these are bloody brilliant – what do you think?


Mum Milestone Cards

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