The World’s Easiest Kid Breakfasts



The World’s Easiest Kid Breakfasts

The World's Easiest Kid Breakfasts

Who knew parenting would prove to be so “interesting”!?  We all have these pressures we put on ourselves – whether they’re real or not is up to us to decide.

Whilst I might make pancakes for breakfast a few days out of the week, it doesn’t make me any better of a parent than someone who serves toast. It also doesn’t make the toast-serving-parent lazy – it actually makes them smart ????

There are also a lot of recipes out there for the most amazing breakfasts – heck I’ve got some of them on my page!  3 Ingredient Pancakes, French Toast Roll Ups, and more.

However, what about “recipes” for the easiest breakfasts?  Technically this isn’t a recipe, it’s a compilation, but I don’t care.  So here are the World’s Easiest Kid Breakfasts:

  • Toast
  • Eggs
  • Cereal
  • Yoghurt
  • Fruit
  • Rolled Oats

There you have it – the World’s Easiest Kid Breakfasts.  As they say in life – keep it simple!

Half the time when I make my kids cooked breakfasts, they don’t eat it.  So why bother putting the effort in HAHA!

What’s the easiest breakfast for your kids?



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