Back to Basics

Back to Basics

Today, my daughter was sick, so I kept her home from Kindy.  Both kids played with puzzles, trains, food, and an old Christmas activity thing they found. They also fought like it was going of fashion, and it drove me slightly insane.  That’s when I decided to take it back to basics (well for us anyway).

After their nap (yes, even the 4 year old), I brought out the Coloured Rice and Coloured Pasta.  I lay down a table cloth, and gave the kids utensils, cups, plates and even a whisk!

Both of my kids played happily for over an hour.  It was a MIRACLE!

You can make your own Coloured Rice and Pasta REALLY easily.  I have recipes and instructions on my Activities for Kids page.

The rice does get everywhere, but nothing a vacuum can’t clean up.

Not only is it fun to pour everything out, but the kids used spoons and whisks.  And it feels pretty amazing in your hands.

If you follow me on Snapchat (happymumnz) you will have seen us playing with it.  And by US, I mean them.  I sat there and “watched them”.  And by watched them, I mean I also checked my Facebook page

I think it’s really good to remember that sometimes we need to take things back to basics.  Puzzles, trains, and hands-on activities are all things to do in the house to keep ourselves and our kids sane.

Have you ever tried Coloured Rice or Coloured Pasta?



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