Being Fed Is Best

Being Fed Is Best

Can I just say, from me personally: Breast is not always best. Ultimately, being fed is best.

SCIENTIFICALLY: yes breast milk is better compared to formula, HOWEVER that is not always the case (when you factor in other things) and it pays to keep careful eye on what you’re saying online.

Obviously science says breast is best, which it is, until it isn’t … then common sense says “that’s not always the case”.

Therefore: Breast is best, until it’s not. Then ultimately being fed is best.

In New Zealand, it’s mandatory that breastfeeding is promoted over everything else: this makes sense because as I said above, scientifically, breast feeding is more beneficial nutritionally than bottle feeding.

This is where the whole “breast is best” comes in. Don’t get me wrong – under normal circumstances, yes breast IS best.

But not always.


For whatever reason – health complications, health issues, mental issues – WHATEVER. Sometimes, breast is not best.

With my daughter, I breast fed for the first 3 months and went onto formula.

I didn’t have the confidence in myself or my breastfeeding ability and I struggled hugely. Could I have continued breastfeeding? Most definitely. Was it the best decision to go to formula? Yes: for my mental health.

I do not regret the decision in the slightest.

I then went on to successfully breastfeed my son for 18 months; as I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. I was also on anti-depressants and coped much better mentally.

Both of my children are happy and healthy and I haven’t noticed a difference in them so far.

We do what is best for us as the parent, and our child. Sometimes it’s more beneficial to formula feed than it is to breast feed – for the parent AND the child.

Each person has their own journey and own story to tell.  Just because you can’t understand why someone doesn’t breastfeed doesn’t mean it’s wrong.  It means you don’t understand.

Have an open mind and heart and please think twice before commenting online with “breast is best”. Just because someone chooses to formula feed, doesn’t mean they don’t think breast is best.

They simply CHOSE a different option.

If you have a story to tell, please share it – nothing is taboo ❤️

Fed Is Best 01

My girl on the left (bottle fed)   |   My boy on the right (breast fed)


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