Saying Shut Up


Saying Shut Up

Saying Shut Up

I swore I’d never say it, but I have. I have said, or more importantly, yelled “SHUT UP!” four times now, and I am most definitely not proud of it.

The times I’ve said it have always been in the heat of the moment (I mean, who plans to say shut up haha), and because I was already on edge with my kids’ behaviour.

There are so many better ways to deal with kids than yelling “SHUT UP”. So many better words. But often “SHUT UP” comes out when you’ve been pushed to the brink of insanity by your kids not listening to you. And you are OVER repeating yourself only to be not heard.

Did I feel good in the moment after saying it? YES. Because it worked. They stopped doing what they were doing and listened to me. Am I proud? Definitely not.

There’s no real need to say shut up, other words work perfectly fine (yelled of course, because in those types of moments, saying it quietly and calmly and quietly don’t work):

1. Listen to me!
2. Cut it out!
4. Be quiet!

Alternatively you can get down to your child’s level, make eye contact or put a hand on your child’s shoulder (make a physical connection) and patiently explain what it is you need heard.

But that isn’t always what goes through my mind in the heat of the moment. Getting a reaction is, which is where SHUT UP comes in.

Afterwards I always apologise to my kids.  Because I do genuinely feel bad.

I wouldn’t want my kids to say “SHUT UP” to me, so I will try and not say it to them. However, reality is, they do push me to the brink of madness most days, and sometimes I can’t be the perfect parent and respond appropriately. Sometimes I swear. Sometimes I say “SHUT UP”.

Sometimes I’m a bit of a shit parent.


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