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Belle BandsI was a bit hesitant at first, to do this review, as my 3 year old daughter has very fine hair, and her head is very sensitive – so she HATES me putting things in it.  If I even look at her the wrong way she runs away screaming.  So this review of Belle Bands’ products was definitely going to be an interesting one …

Turns out, my kid freaking loved the headband.  WTF?!  Hates it every other bloody time, except this time!  The headband is super light, and stretchy.  I would imagine she hardly felt it on there at all.  AND it was beautiful.  My 3 year old called herself “Princess Lola” (that’s not her name BTW HAHA), she felt so beautiful.

The hair ties came in a set of 3, and are also very light and stretchy.  The material is wide, so as to not tangle the child’s hair in it.  My daughter still protested when I tied her hair up *sigh* but she actually didn’t mind it being in there.  When I pulled it out, it didn’t catch on any hair and pull her head, which is a total bonus.

Belle Bands threw in an extra set of adult hair ties, for me to try.  Now this in itself is an interesting exercise as I have a ginormous amount of hair.  The hair ties (exactly the same material as the kids’ ones, just a bit longer) were stronger than I anticipated, and held my hair really well.  I’m still wearing it an hour later and my hair hasn’t budged one bit.

Photo 28-01-15 1 25 02 pm
Set of 3 Hair Ties

These are well worth it if your kid is anything like mine, and if they’re not – LUCKY YOU!  Beautifully designed and assembled, I would definitely recommend them to other parents.  The fact that these are hand made, and ordered to your specification, also means you can choose exactly the design and pattern – meaning you don’t receive anything that is unwanted.

The hair ties also seem great for all hair types – my daughter has thin, fine hair, whereas I have thick, wavy hair.

Belle Bands is a Facebook based business, and as such, all orders need to be placed through there.  A set of 3 hair ties range from $4-$5 depending on the size, and the headbands range from $8-$14, also depending on the size.

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