Bentology Lunch Box Review

The wonderful folks over at The Creative Lunchbox, kindly gave me the Bentology Lunch Box to review!

Price: $32.95
Rating: 6/10

My Thoughts:
The Bentology Lunch Box is different from other lunch boxes in that it has lots of containers to hold the food – rather than compartments. The lunchbox itself contains two compartments – a large one to store all of the containers, and a smaller one for food and/or utensils. There are 5 containers – 3 with lids, and 2 without. Whilst it seems like an amazing lunch box, this one didn’t really take my fancy for the kids. Too many containers and the chances the kids will lose them is high. The container lids also might be difficult for small hands to open. I’d probably recommend this lunch box for an older child, rather than a younger one.

Feels ok, although if you stood on it, it might break.

Not that easy to clean as there are a lot of containers.

The Apple / Yoghurt Test:
You can’t fit a whole apple in it, but you can fit a pottle of yoghurt.

Can my 3 year old open it? KIND OF – struggled with the lunch box lid AND the container lids
Can my 5 year old open it? YES

Where To Buy:
You can buy the Bentology Lunch Box from The Creative Lunchbox,

Check out the review of both the Bentology Lunch Box either on my YouTube channel, or below


If there is a particular lunch box you would like to know about, or have reviewed, then please let me know below.

Be sure to check out my Bento-Style Lunchbox Stockists page for stockists of lunch boxes in both New Zealand AND Australia. As well as my ultimate guide to filling your kids’ lunchbox.


Bentology Lunch Box Review

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