Changes To The Auckland Kindergarten Association

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Changes To The Auckland Kindergarten Association

Before I launch into this, please know this is an opinion piece from myself. It is in no way, shape or form any kind of judgement of anyone’s parenting choices. It is also not a dig at Daycares or those who choose to use it – this is simply my opinion about the current Kindergarten situation that I am facing for my child.


Currently, the Auckland Kindergarten Association model has been built around learning through play, fully funded by taxpayers with some donations from families, for four-hour sessions per day for 3 and 4 year olds, either in the morning or afternoon (and in some instances both). Other private early childhood education options like daycare centres traditionally provided care for children of working parents.

This is set to change as AKA is struggling with funding – so hours are set to increase, as well as fees.

Instead of 6 hours a day, it will be 7. Instead of having “school holidays” like schools do, the Kindergartens will be forced to stay open ALL YEAR apart from around the Christmas and New Year period. Along with this, there will be compulsory charges – so whilst you can choose not to send your child to Kindergarten in the “school holidays” you will still be charged for this.

I am worried about the Kindergarten teachers, but most importantly the children. MY CHILDREN.

I couldn’t adequately express how I felt, so when Vanessa Rehm (from The Bubbalino Kitchen and also in my own community) wrote this letter to the AKA, I asked if I could share it; as it really does convey how I feel (and many others).

Vanessa is a stay-at-home-mum, like myself, who has three wonderful children. Thank you Vanessa for writing this, and allowing me to post it.



The AKA are saying that there are only a “loud 2% of parents” protesting these changes. Yet I have been inundated with Snaps (Snapchat happymumnz) saying they strongly agree with me. Not to mention everyone I speak to in my own community seems to agree … so I don’t personally believe there are only 2% of us who feel this way. The other 98% need to start doing something.

If you feel passionately about this as well, I urge you to write your own letter to Tanya or visit this website to find out what the proposed changes are and how you can help.

The only way this can be stopped is if we speak up. If you agree with me then PLEASE write your own letter and support this cause.

Here are some links to help out:




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