Christmas is fast approaching!

Sonny Angels 01
Eggplant and Grape Sonny Angels

I hate using the C word in October, but when I got these two little angels, I couldn’t help myself.

We got these Sonny Angels from August Boutique and they are the CUTEST toys EVER.   They’re little naked boys with angel wings on the back, and each one wears a different hat.

When you order your angel, it is in a blind box.  This means no one knows which one you’re getting.   It’s a complete surprise.

You choose from a series (e.g. animal, vegetable, fruit, flower, etc), and receive a box corresponding to the one you choose.  It’s like pass the parcel when unboxing it!!

This is absolutely fantastic for children. My daughter (2.9 years) opened the box, and inside was a foil bag (again, you can’t see inside it) and LOVED the anticipation of what it was going to be.

The package says that the dolls aren’t meant for children under the age of 3, but I think that’s just a precautionary warning as my daughter loved them and has no problem playing with them.

The neat thing about them is that so much can be learned from this doll – imaginary play and learning about the different fruits, vegetables, flowers, animals, etc is so valuable for children at this age!

I can’t WAIT to continue collecting the rest of them.  They seem to be quite good quality too, so will last a LONG time.  Keeping these sort of toys for when my kids are older means a lot to me.  I don’t have any toys from my childhood, so am looking forward to holding on to these for years to come.

Tracey, from August Boutique, has put together a special deal for her Happy Mum Happy Child fans – although this is a new product, she has offered 10% off any Sonny Angel purchase!  How freakin awesome is that!!!  

The code to use when checking out is HMHC.

You can also be sure to check her out on Facebook too … August Boutique’s Facebook Page.  She frequently has deals, competitions, and has a daily “In the Spotlight” post which features new products, favourites and the occasional special.

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[…] 4.  Christmas is Fast Approaching […]

A Little Bit of Cheek

With so many cuties it’s hard to choose a favourite from the Sonny Angel range.

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