My Business Idea – Keeping you and your children sane

Sanity Box 01Well, I’ve been asked a few times now what my business idea is, so I thought I’d better get my A into G and share it.


This is an activity box containing items to stimulate your child’s mind and senses. Being a Mum is not easy, having to think for someone else is challenging. This activity box is designed to help both the child AND mother discover themselves.

The idea is for the box to encourage the use of the imagination, and using simple items for the child to create whatever they want. There is no right or wrong when it comes to creativity.

Currently, the box is aimed at toddlers, however, I am only at the beginning of this whole process and have many ideas for many ages. Pricing hasn’t been sorted out yet either as I am still researching products – what works and what doesn’t.

I am in the VERY early stages of this though – still pricing items up and trying to make it affordable for Mums.

Just thought I’d share my beginning ideas – what do you think??


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