Christmas Wishlist for Kids: Free Printable


Christmas Wishlist for Kids: Free Printable

My kids are a little too young for this type of thing, mainly because they don’t know how to read. Or write. HOWEVER, I am aware that there are other kids out there who know how to do both. So I’ve been inspired to put together this Christmas Wishlist for Kids. It’s a free printable … which means you can print it out and give it to your kids.

If you have kids who are younger (like mine are currently), then perhaps you can ask them the questions (explaining as you go) and write down their answers.

I always find it fascinating to keep these types of things for later in life; and look back on them. Remember to write the year at the top of the page so that you can reference it later on when you’re talking to your kids.

Click on the image to download as a PDF document:






Don’t forget that you can also give these to the Grandparents so that they know what your children would like.




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