Friday Favourites: The One With The Messy Car

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Friday Favourites: The One With The Messy Car

This week was a much better week than last week – I was so sick last week that it tainted the whole week. I have been pretty busy this week getting things sorted for Christmas, and I don’t mean gifts for me or my family! I also got to do a few things that put me out of my comfort zone but were ultimately amazing.

What has been your favourite (or least favourite) thing about this week?  Check out my five things:



You may have seen on my Facebook page that I got my eyebrows micro-bladed (tattooed) this week. I was so nervous about getting it done, but was SO over-the-moon with the results. They look ridiculously natural, and I love waking up each morning and my face actually looks semi-normal! 

I got mine done at EMCO Cosmetic Tattooing and can’t recommend them enough.



FML I really need to get my shit sorted when it comes to my eating. I’ve let it slip away and I’ve started eating a few things I shouldn’t and my moods / body is suffering big time. I need to break the mental barrier when it comes to being gluten free. I know it might seem easy, but for me it’s definitely not.


FAVOURITE: Collectables

I got sent a couple of collectibles to give away (competitions are done and dusted now) but wanted to rave about how awesome the products are. Siku (vehicles) and Animal Planet (animals) Collectables are amazing. Both of my kids are hugely into them and I was so grateful for the opportunity to be able to give them away. Both are such great quality and definitely stand the test of time. The Siku range – my boy has a couple of pieces and he’s literally dragged them through dirt, mud, rocks, water … they are still in pretty good condition considering!



My kids tipped a box, full of rubbish, out in the car and the result was a hideous mess. It was so bad I couldn’t see the floor, and the kids kept saying “Mum the car is messy” … um yeah no shit Sherlock! I wanted to pretend it wasn’t there, and I did so successfully for about a week, but it was pretty bad. So eventually I managed to get a few moments to myself (thanks to my Mum and Dad) and tackled the mess. FML cars need to be built with a rubbish disposal system HA!


FAVOURITE: My Main Course

I was asked to do a campaign for My Main Course, which are meal packs done by Heller’s (the sausage people yo). I got sent a whole heap of the product to try and I have been blown away by how amazing it is. You guys will have seen me on Snapchat (happymumnz) – every night this week I’ve tried a new meal. It’s SO simple – the packs themselves are the base of the meal, and you just decide which sides you want. Can’t recommend them enough – we’re officially fans!

This photo below is of the gluten free pizza I made using the Pulled Pork pack … everyone wolfed it down!



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