Coveralls from Mud Mates

Painting.  Rain.  Puddles.   YUCK.  Even though it’s great for kids to have access to these things, I HATE DOING WASHING.  So I am often loathed to set the activity up, just for the mess factor.

I have found a solution – COVERALLS!!!

Mud Mates are a New Zealand owned and operated business and have amazing Coveralls, Overpants, Craft Aprons & Shoe Covers that you can purchase.  They are designed to protect your children’s clothes, keeping them clean and dry through all sorts of messy play and outdoor adventures.  The products are also made in New Zealand.  WE ALL LOVE NZ MADE!!!

We had the red Coveralls and my daughter was instantly taken by them.  Putting them on was super easy, and we just added our own gumboots at the end.

This part of the review is actually really simple – my daughter played out in the pouring rain for 30 minutes.  She jumped up and down in puddles, and even played on the slide.   Afterwards, she was dry.  Almost completely dry – she tried to take the hood off a few times.  Overall I was pretty impressed that she was as dry as she was 😀

Afterwards, I simply hung the Coveralls up and let them dry.  TOO EASY!

The Coveralls themselves are actually machine washable, so if you did get all kinds of weird and funky things on it, you can simply pop it in the wash.

Mud Mates 03
She LOVED jumping with the Coveralls on

I have honestly been meaning to get a pair of Coveralls from Mud Mates for such a long time, and I can say I was not disappointed.  I would recommend (and already have!) to any Mum.  I am a big worry-wart and really hate doing washing (who doesn’t!?), so if I can keep my kid warm, dry and mess-free, then fantastic!

Coveralls come in a variety of colours, and range in sizes from 6 months to 3 years.  They are priced at $40 each.  You can purchase these from the Mud Mates website (along with the other Coveralls, Overpants, Craft Aprons & Shoe Covers).

Alana from Mud Mates has graciously offered Happy Mum Happy Child readers $5 off a Coverall purchase – just enter the code HAPPY when checking out.  This is valid until Wednesday 8th April 2015.

Don’t forget to check out their FACEBOOK page too 😀

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Aww these are so cute and could be really handy for the upcoming winter months. My wee boy Leo loves Peppa Pig so I’m sure he would love to put some coveralls and gummies on and go jumping in muddy puddles!


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