Squooshi Pouches from Nourished Nutrition

Squooshi 01Oi YOU.  Do you have a kid that wants to feed themselves?  Or perhaps just need a different type of vessel to give to your kid to ensure they’re actually eating something?  Well look no further!

We all love reusable food pouches, as not only do they save you money in the long run, but it’s great for the environment.  Naturally when Megan from Nourished Nutrition got in touch with me about her Squooshi Pouches, I just had to jump at the opportunity to review them.

I have used food pouches in the past, so it was always going to be an interesting experiment to see how they compared.

The pouches come in two different sizes (70mls and 130mls), and have VERY cute designs on them – Lion, Walrus, Bird, Panda, Monkey, Penguin.  I used the Lion for my boy, and the Penguin for my girl.

Inside the pack I received, was a card detailing the pouch and ways to use it.  On the back of the card were 2 great recipes.

Squooshi 02The spout is at the top and has a large white cap, just like the disposable versions.  And at the base is the ziplock opening to put your food in it.

I put yoghurt, in each of the pouches, using a dessert spoon.  Even remembered to have the lid on!  But after getting the yoghurt all over the bench (I’m an idiot), I decided that a teaspoon may be better.  Or using a funnel.  Considering I already have reusable pouches, you’d think I would learn.  NOT THE CASE.

The cap is large enough to not be a choking hazard for my boy, and also provided both kids with a bit of a game afterwards – try to put the cap back on the pouch.

Cleaning the pouches is relatively easy – I used a normal dish-brush but have read online that using a bottle brush is best.

I definitely recommend buying these pouches.  The fact that the spout is at the top, makes it easier for the child to handle it and get all of the food out.  The pouch itself is very soft, and flattens nicely when empty, making it super easy to store anywhere.

The cute design just totally knocked it out of the park for me – the kids instantly took a liking to it, and I’m pretty sure I could have pureed Brussel Sprouts and put them in it and they wouldn’t have cared.

The pouch also flattens right out when empty, so very easy to store.

My only tip is to be careful when putting the food in there, don’t be like me and use a big spoon.  Don’t overfill it either, but that goes for any reusable pouch.

You don’t just have to use these pouches for liquids / pureed foods / yoghurt either – you can use it for snacks.  Just keep the lid on and open it from the zip-lock end.

You can buy an assortment of pouches direct from Nourished Nutrition.  The packs come in assorted sizes and designs.  Also, check out their Facebook Page 😀

Megan has amazingly given me an assorted set of Squooshi Pouches to giveaway (SCORE!).  So head on over to my FACEBOOK page to keep an eye on this upcoming competition.

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