Create Lasting Memories These School Holidays

School holidays are actually a time to be cherished.  You get to spend one-on-one time with your child after all!  However, often it can be a bit worrying/stressful as you don’t know what to do with your child, but I can guarantee that just being with you IS enough.  During these school holidays, spending quality time together should be remembered forever – and with the help of Warehouse Stationery’s print services, you can create memories that last longer than the two weeks away they’re away from the classroom.


1. Drawings
Every time your child draws, paints or creates, is a moment waiting to be captured.  Instead of recycling all of those pieces of paper, why not photograph them (using your phone) and then using Warehouse Stationery’s Fotofinish service, turn them into a photobook.  Or better yet, print them on canvas and hang on the wall!

Create Lasting Memories These School Holidays 01


2.  Photographs – Your Child
It might seem silly, but if your children are on School Holiday break, then chances are they are old enough to know how to take a photo. Why not give them the camera or phone and every-now-and-then let them take a photo from their perspective.  You’d be amazed at what they capture.  Often I find photos of myself, from a funny angle but it’s so lovely to see what they see.

Create Lasting Memories These School Holidays 06


3.  Photographs – Your Turn
Now it’s your turn.  Capture those moments during the school holidays.  Whether they’re creating a drawing, at the Zoo, or simply sitting and watching a movie.  All moments are a memory waiting to be captured.  Why not turn the camera around, and take some selfies with your children – I know my kids LOVE this!  We all pull funny faces together, and have a great laugh.

If you have Snapchat, they have some neat “funny face” features, where you can turn your face into different things.  Capture this moment and then print it on a mug (using Warehouse Stationery’s Fotofinish) and give it to the grandparents, or to your husband or partner. Hilarious AND a lasting memory.

Create Lasting Memories These School Holidays 04



Simply combining your children, what you’re doing, your phone and Warehouse Stationery – you can create lasting memories these school holidays.

Warehouse Stationery’s Fotofinish is a great service for this.  It offers you the ability to print photos, photo books, canvases, cards, mugs… the possibilities are endless.

Whether you go in store and get your kids to help print items, or do it online – Warehouse Stationery has your bases covered.  We went in store and the kids LOVED it.  The staff were also amazing.  They saw my girl was excited, so made a special point of giving her the task of looking after the receipt to claim the photos.

Photo 21-04-16, 10 11 45 AM

Thanks to Warehouse Stationery for making this post possible


Create Lasting Memories These School Holidays

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