Dad’s Taking Busy Boards To The Next Level

I woke up this morning and read this article on the NZ Herald website from yesterday about a busy board that a Dad created for his toddler:

Dad’s genius way to keep toddlers busy

Your wallet, your keys, the toilet roll, nothing seems safe when you have a curious toddler. So how do you keep them from fidgeting with locks and light switches, or constantly pulling the phone off the hook? One dad has come up with a genius idea that’s brought him much praise on social media.

Now, busy boards aren’t a new thing, but I applaud this Dad, and ANYONE else who has the creativity to do this type of thing.

As a parent I always looks at what other people did, and I thought “man that’s awesome, I’m totally going to do that”, but that’s where that thought ended.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 5.58.21 AMI never did anything.  I am a lazy Mum and an extremely uncreative one.  My best decisions are usually when I go to Spotlight or Kmart and buy the pre-made activity packs for my kids HAHAHA

But I always thought it was a bloody brilliant idea.  And believe me, if I asked my husband to do this, he would have done it in a heart beat – he’s that kind of guy.  A builder guy.

He built this really simple but fantastic wooden play gym for my boy.  When my husband decides he wants to do something, he does it.

Wheres me, if someone can do it better than me (which 99% of the time, they can), then I’ll go with the easy option HAHAHA

After reading the article above, I got searching on Pinterest and man there is some awesome stuff.

Check out my Busy Board page on Pinterest for a whole range of ideas.  And if you do end up making one, you have to come and share it with me on my Happy Mum Happy Child Facebook page.

Have any of you guys ever made this type of thing?

Also, does anyone know if anyone in New Zealand sells these type of busy boards?
Genuinely curious for myself and the Happy Mum Happy Child team.


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