Those Days When You Just Say …

Unimpressed Cat

Those Days When You Just Say …


Excuse the language, but seriously, some days you just get pushed too far and you KNOW it’s happening, so you say “screw this, I’m just giving in”.

For some reason I woke up this morning happy as Larry, but ended up turning into this foul one-eyed-beast.

I even said to my husband “watch out, I’m in a bad mood”.

I tried to snap myself out of it, and I actually did – until this afternoon when I picked my daughter up from Kindy.

My boy, her brother, managed to piss her off 5 minutes after picking her up. So before we’d even left Kindergarten, she was in tears.

We had to go to the doctor to get her arm checked out (she recently broke her collarbone), and then to the supermarket to pick up ingredients for tonight’s dinner.

We got to the doctor first and my poor 4 year old girl was beyond tired; which meant everything that happened, she ended up in tears.

Mainly it was something her brother was doing – even simply looking at her would make her cry.

Then my 2 year old boy decided his hormones and emotions would kick in, and refused to listen to me.

A few times, I said “Right we’re heading back to the car” and I headed back and he changed his mind. Then he flat out lay on the ground screaming because he wanted to hold my other hand.

One thing my kids have yet to learn about me, is that I don’t budge. I make up my mind and I stick to it – that’s just who I am.

I won’t budge, even for a tantrum.

So I walked away and left him there, lying on the ground. He stood up and realised I wasn’t mucking around. But by that point, I was like a bomb ready to blow.

While we were at the doctors, the kids were kind of OK, but after the doctors (as we were walking back to the car), my children started saying “can we have an ice cream”, “what about a treat”.

And they REFUSED to listen to me saying “No, I need to just get dinner”.

So I said FUCK IT.

I refused to go to the supermarket with them, because it was only going to make me angrier at them, and more upset than I already was.

They both SCREAMED AND CRIED because we weren’t going to the supermarket; but I didn’t care.

No way was I going to put myself in that position – I didn’t care if I didn’t have enough food for dinner. I would sort it out (and I did).

Sometimes you just have to say “fuck it” and go home. It’s just not worth the stress.

Also tonight, instead of stressing about what the kids were eating for dinner, I said to them “Here’s your dinner, please eat it”. When they said “Oh but I don’t want to” … I simply said:

“That’s ok, you don’t have to, but there’s nothing else to eat”

And currently at 7pm, they’re heading to bed hungry because they refused to eat dinner.

But you know what – IDGAF. I’m not having that battle tonight. No way. They can go hungry if they don’t want to eat what I’ve prepared! HA!

So mean but honestly, sometimes you really do have to say “Fuck it”.


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