Dear Grumpy Shopper

Grumpy Shopper
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Dear Grumpy Shopper, 

I see you in the shops with that scowl on your face. It’s clear you’re on a mission, and heaven forbid anyone gets in your way.

At this time of the year, the shops are crawling with people who are on a mission as well – it’s not just you.

Is this the place we really want to be?! HELL NO. We would all rather be at home, with our family; but instead are picking up last minute items.

I sure as heck don’t want to be in that shop; especially with you.

I am the happy shopper – especially around Christmas. I’m all too aware of what it’s like being in a shop full of angry and busy strangers (years of leaving things until the last minute, and working in retail). So I’m the smiler. I’m the one who says “whoops sorry” when we run into each other and will offer a kind smile. However, because you’re in a hurry and not watching where you’re going, you let out this sound that kind of resembles a pig grunting, and force your way past.

Instead of being a grumpy bum, and sighing when this happens; how about a little sympathy smile. None of us want to be there.

How about just sucking it up and acting like an adult. How about giving way instead of pushing through?

If our kids were to act like the way you’e acting, we would be pulling them into line.

So this Christmas, please remember that it’s not everyone else’s fault that you’ve left something to the last minute to buy. Or even if you haven’t left it until the last minute, don’t be a douche bag.

Remember that none of us want to be in that shop.

Remember to smile – it goes a long way.

The Happy Shopper


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