Kmart’s Got Us Covered 24/7 This Christmas

Kmart’s Got Us Covered This Christmas

For a long time now, Kmart has been my favourite. You can get everything from toys, to kitchenware, to stationery, to garden-ware. Pretty much the only they they don’t sell is wine – and we all know that if that little dream came true, I might never ever leave.

If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet then here’s some awesome news for you: Kmart is officially open 24 hours a day, until the 24th December 2016. On the 24th December, Kmart will close at 9pm, and will remain closed until Boxing Day. Then it will resume normal hours (8am – midnight).

This applies to ALL stores New Zealand wide.

OH YES ????

Another thing to remember is that Kmart and the Salvation Army are working together to help provide for those less fortunate this Christmas. The Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal is still active and you can take ANY toys purchased (from Kmart or elsewhere) and drop them in to be distributed to deserving families.

Remember not to wrap them up ok? Because they need to be distributed to the right child, and the Salvation Army have to make sure that a gift is actually a toy. I’ve heard a few stories about non-toy gifts being wrapped up, which is absolutely ridiculous.

To find out more about the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal, click here.

SO you can now get your Kmart fix 24/7 AND donate gifts to those in need.

Thanks Kmart!!!

PS Online shopping IS COMING next year … watch this space xx


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