Dear Maria: Your Struggle

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Dear Maria: Your Struggle

This is a sponsored post for Sovereign Life Insurance – whilst I was asked to write something, all words and opinions are my own and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be able to write this…


Have you ever wondered, if you had the opportunity to write a letter to your future self, what you’d say? Would you tell yourself to be careful with money? Would you tell yourself not to worry? Or would you simply say “just keep doing what you’re doing”?

I got asked to think about this recently, so I sat down and wrote this letter to myself …


Dear Maria,

As I am writing this, you have a 2 year old and a 4 year old and have struggled a lot.

You are the most amazing Mum you can imagine. You are raising amazing children, and are having a huge amount of fun and laughter on the way.

However, we both know it hasn’t been easy. Life has thrown us curve balls at pretty much every single turn. Including our relationship – as you know, we have been tested beyond belief.

Some days it felt like you couldn’t breathe. Like you couldn’t escape the small world that you live in as a parent. You may have even felt suffocated; or trapped.

You worried about everything imaginable, even though you knew full well that there was no point in worrying.

You doubted yourself as a parent almost every day.

All of this happened, because parenting isn’t and wasn’t easy. Ultimately, this was because it took you a while to come to terms with the enormity that was parenting.

Through all of this struggle however, you showed amazing courage. You used your voice to help yourself, and eventually many others.

Each day, with your open mind, you learned more about yourself than you ever imagined. Your struggles weren’t negative, in fact they helped define who you are now; and it is wonderful.

Please remember, throughout these struggles (past, present and future), that you have a purpose. You are a wonderful Mother, and Wife, who is loved more than you know, by your family.

You are teaching your children to be wonderful human beings, and you are encouraging a lot of Mothers out there to have confidence in themselves; and to use their voice to speak up and ask for help.

Parenting isn’t easy for you, but you are surviving. Magnificently.

Don’t worry about the struggles.

Love from,
Your Past Self


As a parent we might struggle every single day. One thing you shouldn’t need to struggle with, or worry about, is Life Insurance. One of the first things Phil and I did together as a couple was make sure we had this – and for us we went with Sovereign (yup over 10 years ago we organised it when we bought our first house).

Once our children were born, it was even more important to have – so that if the worst happened, we knew they would be taken care of. It’s important to make sure the things we’ve worked hard for in life are protected.

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Thank you so much to Sovereign for making this post possible, and allowing me to think about what I’d say to my future self. It was quite a wonderful moment thinking back to my experiences and what I’d tell myself.

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