Preparing For Christmas

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That’s right, Christmas is almost upon us, so now is the time to prepare. The 1st December signifies the beginning of the month of Christmas in my mind. Starting with the tree, then wrapping of the presents, then cooking food … don’t even get me started if you haven’t finished shopping!

So here’s a list of handy things to think about heading into the Christmas month:


Put it up now. It might seem like a pain, but it’ll hopefully give your kids something to do, and then it will be out of the way. Tackle it one weekend when the kids are saying “I’m bored”. Then impress upon your kids the importance of keeping it maintained – it’s their responsibility to look after the decorations and make sure everything is safe. Kids love a good mission (and a treat as a reward never goes afar). And if you have babies, instead of older kids, here are some tips for Baby Proofing your Christmas Tree (if you have babies).

If you haven’t already done it then it’s a good idea to think about it now. At the beginning of December. That is unless you love leaving things to the last minute. I know you might be waiting for the right sale to take place, but do so at your own peril. There is nothing worse than shopping with every man and his dog on Christmas Eve.

That’s right – cull the old toys. Use this as an opportunity to get rid of, or pass on, toys that your kids no longer need. Do you have younger family members that will benefit from the toys? Or perhaps the toys are wrecked? Or perhaps you could donate them to your local hospital or refuge for someone else to have in a time of need. Each year that goes by means more and more crap accumulates in our house, so we have to have a tidy out. Get the kids involved too. Or not – perhaps just wickedly do it one day when they’re out of the house MUHAHA so evil.

Think about Christmas Day – do you have to make anything? What are you doing for breakfast? What about Lunch? Leftovers for dinner? Now is the time to think about it – when you have a clear head. Two days before, when the shops are thick full of people, your head will be anything but clear. Check out my Christmas page for some breakfast / meal ideas for the day. If you have already got something in mind, make sure you write it down with a list of the ingredients you need.

If you’re into making your own Christmas Cake, now is the time to do it. A traditional cake has alcohol in it, which means the longer you let it “settle” the better the cake will be. For a genuine, old-school, recipe; check out my Gran’s Christmas Cake recipe. Full of alcohol and all things bad.


I like to try and have all of the above done during the first couple of weeks of December. Leaving the last few weeks to tie up loose ends, and then try and RELAX heading into Christmas.

Do you have anything left on your list to do before the big day??


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