Website Lists Stores Delivering During The Covid-19 Lockdown

DeliverEat has been created and it lists over 700 independent New Zealand businesses that are delivering during lockdown.

That’s right – the DeliverEat website has been created to help you!

Born from a desire to support independent businesses during lockdown and to avoid the pain of huge lines at local supermarkets, Denym & Alex have created this incredible website for New Zealanders.

The website was created to support independent kiwi businesses by two independent business owners, Denym Bird ( and Alex Hamilton (

I am a huge fan of going to the supermarket (I love my local New World!), because everything is in one place. However at the moment there are some things (such as flour, soap, etc) that just aren’t available because of the issue of demand – there is plenty of it available, but people are buying so much of it that it’s impossible to restock the shelves fast enough.

Yep even when numbers are limited – the shelves are still taking a while to restock.

Get a whole bunch delivered to you from NZ businesses and find them all at

Don’t forget to support local as much as possible though!


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