Distractions While Driving


Distractions While Driving by Happy Mum Happy Child

Four Distractions While Driving

Using a mobile phone in a car, while driving, is illegal.  And as the NZ Herald recently reported, people are still doing it.  Using a mobile phone while driving is definitely ONE of the distractions while driving, but not the only one.

Before the law came into effect, I can 100% say that I texted while I was driving.  This was BEFORE kids, of course.  Before Smart Phones, I could touch-text – meaning I didn’t have to watch the numbers as I texted.  But when Smart Phones came out, that was the end of that.  My fingers are too fat and I have to make sure the words are actual words and just not me smashing the screen (which it usually is).

Let me tell you WITHOUT A DOUBT these next four things are MUCH more distracting in a car than cellphones:


Honestly if you’ve ever had a baby screaming at you, or crying in a car, you will know it is INCREDIBLY distracting.  I have turned up the radio, but nothing masks the screams of a baby / child.  Also, if they’re rear facing, you can worry non-stop.  I had to stop on the motorway once (safely) because I was sure my baby girl was choking.  VERY distracting.  And thankfully I did pull over, because she was choking 😐


Distractions While Driving by Happy Mum Happy Child
When they’re happy, I’m happy

They drop shit on the ground and then demand you pick it up.  And when you don’t pick it up, they scream and cry more.  Normal parents would probably make their kid scream and learn that “if you drop it, that’s it” … but on more than one occasion, I have picked the toy up (see disclaimer below). Tsk tsk.  On a sane day, I make my kids wait, but sometimes it’s easier to pull over and deal with them, than leave them to scream.


Open Windows
If a window is open, wind comes in.  This makes sense to us adults, but to children it means a tornado is coming.  Or not.  It depends on their mood.  Or what side of the bed they got out of.  Or if they have inflated a balloon that you don’t know about and suddenly it pops out and starts attacking your kids.


Insects of any kind


Basically once you have kids, there are a thousand things more distracting than a mobile phone.  Don’t get me wrong, mobile phone use while driving should be illegal, and you should DEFINITELY NOT use your phone while driving.  However, there are more distractions while driving than just that.

If you are able to ignore your kids whilst they scream and go on, then I bow to you.  I am unable to do this.  Screaming kids is like a drill to my brain ……..

Do you agree with me about kids being more of a distraction than mobile phones?

DISCLAIMER: if I ever have to pick something up for a child, or deal with an extremely upset child, I pull over.  I do not put my kids lives at risk like that, or anyone elses.  HOWEVER, they are still more of a distraction than a mobile phone in my opinion.


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