Boring Baby’s Room


Does anyone else NOT have a themed baby’s / child’s room?

When I was pregnant with my first, I certainly did want the beautiful themed baby’s room.  The gorgeous back and whites or greys and yellows … you know what I mean.  Like this:

Boring Baby's Room by Happy Mum Happy Child

I wanted it so badly.  But we just didn’t have the money.  In fact, a lot of our baby’s room had stuff that was either given to us, or was second hand.  It still is!  My boy has the bed my husband slept in as a child, and all the drawers in our kids rooms are from when we grew up ourselves.

Even now, I look at my kids’ room and think “Oh man this is a mess”.  No cohesion, no coordination.  Curtains that are broken.  There’s a cot mattress in my boys room sitting against a wall …

Now, one of the reasons it’s a mess is because our house is a 1970’s style house and has ZERO storage space.  Even the garage is tiny, and is full of our stuff.  So our kids bedrooms are basically an extra storage area …

Below are two pictures – my boy’s room is first, followed by my girls.  Our house is a tiny house, so the bedrooms are the same.  They don’t fit much in them.

Boy's Bedroom by Happy Mum Happy ChildGirl's Bedroom by Happy Mum Happy Child

I realise that overall a beautifully set up room is for the parents, and not for the child.  Because ultimately the child / baby doesn’t really care.  But I still wanted it haha

If money wasn’t an issue (and I wasn’t lazy) then I would definitely make my kids’ rooms look absolutely amazing.  Who doesn’t want to have a gorgeous looking room!?

Did you guys have a beautifully set up baby’s room?  Or have a beautiful kid’s room?  Let me know and share a photo with me!  I LOVE being inspired.  And if you don’t – then you’re just like me – aspiring to be beautiful haha

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