Friday Favourites: The One About Being Punctual


The One About Being Punctual

Being Punctual by Happy Mum Happy Child


I am a punctual person.  To the detriment of my own health.

If there is a possibility I won’t be early, or even maybe a little late, I panic.

The photo above of me, is just before I left for a lunch I went to on Thursday.  I was in a situation where I might have been late and I was panicking,  MAJORLY.

I paced backwards and forwards until finally I could leave, and when I got half way there, I found out I didn’t actually have to be there at that time anyway.  So I ended up being mega early.

But by that stage I had worked myself up so much, that I had given myself a headache.  And RIGHT NOW, 24 hours later, I still have that headache.  DUMB.

I don’t know why I can’t just let it go – so many people don’t give a shit about punctuality haha … why can’t I!?

My husband is really laid back, and isn’t bothered by it, and realises that shit happens and you can’t always “be on time” … but I am SO not like that HAHAHA

We have a wedding to go to tomorrow night (Saturday), and already I’m making sure we leave with plenty of time to spare and I’m ALREADY worrying about it.

Are you a punctual person?  Do you like to be on time?


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