Strawberry Champagne Tim Tam Cheesecake


Did you think I only made one thing with the new Tim Tam Cocktail-Inspired range?!  THINK AGAIN!  NO BAKING REQUIRED!

Strawberry Champagne Tim Tam Cheesecake

Strawberry Champagne Tim Tam by Happy Mum Happy Child

ERMAHGERD GUYS.  ERMAHGERRDDDD… If there was ever a time to indulge in dessert before dinner, NOW WOULD BE IT …

1 packet of Strawberry Champagne Tim Tam Biscuits
1 packet of Malt Biscuits
150 grams melted butter (or coconut oil)


250 grams cream cheese
300 mls cream
7 Strawberry Champagne Tim Tam Biscuits

1 cup frozen strawberries
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
Remaining Strawberry Champagne Tim Tam Biscuits

IN TOTAL you will need 2 packets of Arnott’s Strawberry Champagne Tim Tam Biscuits.


Line a large round baking tin with baking paper, and grease the inside edges with butter. Make sure you have enough space in the fridge to store the cheesecake once you’ve made it

Using a food processor, crush both packets of biscuits up. Add the melted butter and process until combined. Tip out into your prepared tin and press around the edges and bottom to form an even layer.

Strawberry Champagne Tim Tam by Happy Mum Happy ChildFilling
Beat the cream until thick and put aside in the fridge.
Beat the cream cheese until light and creamy.
Blitz your 3/4 packet of Strawberry Champagne Tim Tam Biscuits, and add them to your cream cheese mix.  Stir to combine.
Finally mix the cream through thoroughly and then pour the mixture into the prepared base.

Place your cup of frozen strawberries in a food processor and blitz for a few seconds until they are small pieces
Combine strawberries, sugar, and vanilla in a saucepan. Cook over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally. The mixture will sizzle for a while, but then juice will begin to form. Continue stirring; mash a few strawberries with a wooden spoon or heat-proof spatula to help produce the syrup. Cook until sauce thickens, about 15 minutes.
Remove from heat. In a blender, puree about 1/3 of the sauce, then mix back into remaining topping. Store in refrigerator.

Drizzle your strawberry topping over the cheesecake.  And cut or crush the remaining Strawberry Champagne Tim Tam Biscuits and place or sprinkle over the top.

Put the cheesecake in the fridge to set for a minimum of 4 hours.


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HOW TO ENTER: Share your Tim Tam moment on social media using the hashtag #timtammoments between now and the end of April and you will go in the draw to win. One entry per person.

Terms and conditions to link to are available here:

Espresso Martini Tim Tam Freakshake by Happy Mum Happy Child
Check out the Espresso Martini Tim Tam Freakshake I also made!

Thanks to the folks at Arnott’s Tim Tam for making this post possible~


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