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recently asked me to review the Peppa Pig: Doodle with Peppa book, by Ladybird.  This book is recommended for ages 3-6, so my daughter is right at the beginning of this age bracket.

The activity book has 128 pages, so for my 3 year old, it’s HUGE.  Each page has an activity for your child to do – whether it’s colouring in, solving a puzzle or completing an image, this book has it.

Upon seeing the book, my 3 year old was instantly drawn to it (excuse the pun!).  The book cover is vibrant and inviting, and heck it’s Peppa Pig!  She LOVES Peppa Pig!

She set to work straight away to colour in with it.  As she is a bit on the youngish side to really understand the activities, we went through the pages together and coloured some things in, and talked about what we could do with the rest.

This is a brilliant activity book for children, and would be great for rainy days or when travelling in the car / on a plane.

Even though my girl didn’t 100% understand all of the activities, it was still good for us to talk about them and get the conversation going.  So because this book is so relatable to children (through Peppa Pig), it makes it more exciting to try different and new things.

Keep your creative little piggies busy for hours with this fun doodle book filled with pictures to complete and puzzles to solve.

The Peppa: Doodle with Peppa activity book has an RRP of $17.99, and can be bought from most book stores.  For more information you can visit the Penguin Books New Zealand website.


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