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Tornado Tammy Review by Happy Mum Happy ChildTammy introduced herself to me a few months ago, and her business, Tornado Tammy.   The idea was that she would come over and show my kids (3.5 years and 18 months) the science-based show that she puts on, specifically to do with bubbles.

Tornado Tammy has two shows – Bubbles & Fireworks.  The Fireworks show is aimed to children 7yrs +.  So the Bubbles Show was definitely more for me and my kids.

Tammy has everything all ready to go – including little lab coats and protective eyewear for each child.

Once set up, she jumped right into creating bubbles with dry ice (carbon dioxide) and bubble mixture.  Using beakers, pipes, helium, big bubbles, small bubbles, gosh I can’t explain it technically because I’m the Mum HAHA, and not the scientist.  But I can tell you it was amazing.

The kids were involved in every aspect of it – touching the bubbles, popping them, using reactions to blow balloons up, standing in a giant bubble.  You name it, they did it.

Tammy was there for about an hour, which was fantastic.  Not too long, and not too short.

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I went into this with an open mind, and to-be-honest, was kind of excited about it.  I wasn’t sure if my kids were too young to understand, or even get involved, but I can tell you (and Tammy can attest to this), they bloody loved it!!!  Even the 18 month old got right into it!

My daughter, who is always a little apprehensive when participating in anything, took a while to warm up, but once she got into the swing of things, she never looked back.

This type of show is truly amazing and I would recommend it in a heart beat.  Tammy is really friendly, and included everyone in the “experiments”.  I am even going to let my Kindy know about her (she does Kindy shows too!) because I know the kids there would love it too.

If you love finding out how stuff works, and experimenting with science, then you will love Tornado Tammy’s science parties and kindy shows!


Tammy’s science parties start from $200 for up to 10 children.

Tammy will give the first 5 people who contact her 10% off a Bubbly Birthday Party Show. They can contact her through Facebook, or email ( and she will call you back to discuss details.  You will need to use the secret code: SCIENCE.  This is just to let her know where you heard about her.


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What a cool idea! I kind of want Tammy to come to MY birthday now hehe

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