Every Day Is A New Day

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Every Day Is A New Day


So you’ve had a crappy day. The kids have been more challenging than usual, or your baby hasn’t been sleeping, and you’ve been pushed beyond your normal limits.

Sometimes this happens on a Monday, which can make the week feel like it’s never ending.

The thought of having to deal with your kids again, sends shivers down your spine; and makes you want to crawl back into bed and never come out.

Believe me when I say I’ve had those days; lots of them.

However, there is one crucial thing to remember: every day is a new day.

And thank God for that!

Just like when your children were babies, each day was completely different (much to your disgust). You’d just get your child to sleep and assume they’ll sleep the next day, but in fact they had other plans.

No two days are the same and that goes for bad days too.


So when you wake up that next morning, the morning after the bad day, feel refreshed. Even if you had a crappy sleep due to waking children.

Each day is a new day.

Your babies / children will act differently. You can learn from what happened the previous day and start changing things. You can think to yourself “I’m going to actively choose to have a great day today” and try and be as happy as possible.

You can try your hardest to change things up: go for a walk, or take your kids for a drive. Get out of the house and do something different!

Perhaps try baking with your kids, or bake FOR your kids. Put a DVD on and have a DVD day: forget all house hold responsibilities and snuggle up with a blanket and popcorn.

Sometimes it’s ok to act like a kid instead of like an adult.

And ALWAYS remember, it’s ok if today ends up being another bad day. It’s ok to have bad days. Don’t forget to communicate with others about this – don’t keep it to yourself. Talking is cathartic.


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