Everyday Exercises

Everyday Exercises by Happy Mum Happy Child

This pretty much sums up the exercises I do everyday …

Taken from BuzzFeed 🙂

1. Burrito Curls

Burrito Curls
Esra Erol / BuzzFeed

Burritos are actually dumbbells in disguise. The more guac, the more weight.
Do 5 reps of 10 bicep curls to finish eating the burrito.

2. iPhone Lift Endurance Challenge

iPhone Lift Endurance Challenge
Esra Erol / BuzzFeed

While lying in bed, raise your phone half an arm’s-length above you. Scroll through Tinder until your arms go numb and your phone falls on your face. Repeat until 3:00 a.m.

3. Wine Push-Up

Wine Push-Up
Esra Erol / Buzzfeed

Get into plank position. Gradually lower until your lip reaches the straw. Immediately drop to your knees and finish drinking wine.

4. Reverse Bedtime Burpee

Reverse Bedtime Burpee
Esra Erol / BuzzFeed

Stand shoulder-width apart. Jump straight into the air. Land in a push-up position in your bed, then collapse. Recover for 7-9 hours.

5. Partial Sit-Ups With “Bachelorette” Hold

Partial Sit-Ups With "Bachelorette" Hold
Esra Erol / BuzzFeed

Lie with a pillow behind your back. Raise your head slightly to see who gets the rose. Fall back down and prop another pillow behind you for better viewing.

6. Over-The-Toilet Squat

Over-The-Toilet Squat
Esra Erol / BuzzFeed

Hover slightly over the toilet for 1 second. Then sit down and finish your business.

7. Finger Strengthening Netflix Wars

Finger Strengthening Netflix Wars
Esra Erol / BuzzFeed

Fight with your friend over what to watch next over Netflix. Make sure lots of finger action is involved.

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