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Being a parent involves so many changes, one of which is you tend to stop looking after yourself as much.

A lot of things changed with me – I don’t straighten my hair anymore (used to do it every day).  Sometimes I don’t shower every day. I never get my hair done.  Nails?  Yeah right.  Heck, I barely even shave my legs.

People will say “you have to keep these things up to keep sane”, and they’re absolutely right, but sometimes it’s not possible.  As a SAHM on one income, our budget is TIGHT.  So really the only two things I can afford to do is straighten my hair, and have a shower haha …Hair and nails just get ignored.

But even those “free” things can be put on the back burner because our lives as a parent takes over and we have “more important” things to do.

Watch my video and let me know the answer to the really simple question: what changed with your regime when you became a parent?  What are some of the things you don’t do anymore?

Do you have a plan to get it back on track?  Or are you like me, and just going with the flow?




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