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Seriously, WHO THE HECK thinks that protecting our kids from the sun is a negative?

I’m calling them out RIGHT NOW because I am sick and tired of seeing comments online about it.

When sunscreen was invented I’m sure people spouted on about it then too – and look at us now. SPF50 AND GROWING!

The sun is hot. The sun causes cancer.  TWO FACTS.

Over 90% of all skin cancer cases are attributed to excess sun exposure.

Why do you think that erecting a shade sail is a negative?  Why can you not look at the positive?

Let’s answer some questions that I have read:

Why should the council protect your children?  Just put a hat and some sunscreen on your kids.
Firstly, most parents do put a hat and sunscreen on their kids.  This isn’t about that.  The council is building a playground designed to be played on.  When the sun is out, especially at the moment during Summer, the playgrounds are HOT.

Shade is essential in ALL FORMS in preventing cancer too – according to SunSmart, “Umbrellas, tarpaulins and shade cloths are also good options, but some filter out only some UVR, so other SunSmart actions are also advisable.”

This isn’t about removing responsibility from the parents – our responsibility is to protect our kids as much as possible from the sun (slip, slop, slap), but having that additional protection from the playgrounds that our kids play on, would be incredible.

You’re wrapping your kids in cotton wool!  Just let them be kids!
Wrapping our kids in cotton wool? OH PLEASE!  Making our kids NOT use a playground because it’s too hot is wrapping them in cotton wool.  Making them stay inside all day because it’s too hot outside to play, is wrapping them in cotton wool.  And yes – at the moment when the sun is out, it is hot from 9am – 5pm.

What about the Vitamin D?  Next thing you know the kids will be at the doctors with Vitamin D deficiency!
We get plenty of sun just walking around – guys it’s New Zealand, not the UK.  Stop worrying about our Vitamin D intake.

The Ministry of Health recommends “sensible sun exposure”.  Having a playground covered, does not mean your child (or any child) will be at risk for Vitamin D deficiency.

Living in the UK where there is constant cloud cover – that is a reason for Vitamin D deficiency.

Back in my day we went down those slides all the time.  No problem!  Kids are so sensitive these days.
The whole “back in my day” thing is moot.  “Back in the day” the earth was known to be flat. “Back in the day” smoking was considered to be ok.

Just because you did it “back in the day” doesn’t mean it’s ok, or right.

Think that kids need to “toughen up” when it comes to the sun?  MEMO ALERT: sun causes cancer.  I don’t think I need a statistic to back that up, but just in case you need to know, head over to the SunSmart page.

Gummon, as a parent you should test the equipment out before your kid goes down it.
Yes in a perfect world, we would do this.  But we are human, and often have a million things on our mind.  Wouldn’t it just be amazing if the kids could play on a slide without having to worry about burning themselves?  Surely that’s not too much to ask.

Just put a hat and sunscreen on them – do your job as a parent!
As I said above, it’s about more than that!  Sunscreen isn’t foolproof.  You can still get skin cancer even when you bathe in sunscreen.

According to SunSmart “No matter how high the SPF rating, no sunscreen can screen out all UV radiation”. Therefore, a combination of shade and sunscreen are the best ways to beat the sun, in all aspects.

If you want to know more about our sun and skin cancer, please click the below link.  I have put together a page full of useful information:

Myths & Statistics About Our Sun

As I said above, let’s stop thinking negatively about shade coverage on our playgrounds. Because as the SunSmart Organisation says, shade is an important part of reducing skin cancer.  It’s also common sense that it will cool the equipment down.

The Cancer Society supports sun shades being mandatory on all public playgrounds. SunSmart school co-ordinator Louise Sandford said: “Not only do those playgrounds get hot but we should be protecting [children] from harmful UV rays.”

Finally our children will be able to play for LONGER without worrying about sun stroke.  Or without burning themselves.

How can you argue with that?!

In my personal opinion, this topic shouldn’t be up for debate.  We need more shade on our playgrounds, STAT!

Guys I could go on about this forever.  But I truly believe if you care about the children, who are our future, then you would be all for our playgrounds being covered (in one form or another).  Instead of being negative Nancy’s, why don’t we band together to make a change!

If you haven’t signed my petition yet, please do!  CLICK HERE.

Got an opinion?  Negative or Positive?  Share it below – but remember … keep it civil.


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