Traumatising My Kids


Traumatising My Kids

I have a huge fear of flying things.  Specifically Bees, Wasps, Cicadas and Praying Mantises.  I will literally have a panic attack if I am in close proximity to them.

As a child, I remember making my Aunty and Uncle STOP on the side of the motorway to get a Cicada out of the car.  And only a few years ago had a major panic attack when a wasp flew in the window while we were driving.

Now as a parent I try and keep these fears to myself, especially when my kids are around. They are children after all, and born with no fears.  So I don’t want to instil any of my issues upon them.

The other day I picked up a Bumble Bee that was sitting in the middle of the driveway – I would NEVER have done that before having children.

But again, I just don’t want my kids picking up on my fear.


The other day there were flies in the house and they were bothering my kids, so I ran around after them with a fly swat. This is my go to, and honestly I love a bit of tennis practice during the day😂

When this didn’t work, I pulled out the big guns and sprayed one with fly spray.

And what happened?  Well what normally happens when you spray a fly – it went crazy.  Hyped up, flying around, dive-bombing.

And yes – it dive bombed my son straight in the face.


So in my attempt to not traumatise my kids with my own fears, I have traumatised my kids.

They are now PETRIFIED of flies and bees and moths – anything that flies.

FML.  I can’t win.

Anyone else have a fear like this?  Do you try and not let your kids see it too?



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