Should Father’s Day become ‘Special Person’s Day’?


Should Father’s Day become ‘Special Person’s Day’?

That is kind of a click bait title because there is no way in the world I think Father’s Day should ever be known as “Special Person’s Day”.

I just read this NZ Herald article about an early childhood activist  who has suggested Father’s Day be renamed ‘Special Person’s Day’ so kids without dads wouldn’t feel left out.

I’m in two minds about this because of course there will be some families out there without a Dad. What about Mother’s Day though? There are just as many families out there without a Mum.

I’m all about equality, but think it’s a bit silly renaming Father’s Day. Sure create a new day which is all encompassing, but don’t takeaway from what the Dad’s in the world deserve: which is a day of celebration recognising their efforts.

This actual article got me thinking about the Breastfeeding Awareness week that came about a few weeks ago, when there was a bit of “drama” on my page (and other’s).

Overall I think it is absolutely necessary to celebrate certain things individually – Father’s, Mother’s, Breastfeeding, Bottle-feeding, etc etc … there is a time and a place for everybody.

Sure, let’s have one day that includes everyone, but let’s also have the days where we specifically dedicate to the people and actions in our lives which are pretty bloody amazing.

What do you think? Should Father’s Day be renamed Special Person’s Day?



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